Support Services for Young People

Youth Lifestyle Options Pty Ltd is a private company that currently operates within South East Queensland providing accommodation and support services to children and young people.

We provide residential and support services for complex and at-risk youth, with a therapeutic and programmatic response to stabilisation and transition from care needs.

These include support and intervention to foster care placements that are considered under stress, placement options with a therapeutic approach, counselling, early intervention programs and youth group services.

Our service provision ensures that an appropriate level of support is provided to young people in a way that is consistent with their needs and support individual growth in a way that is cost-effective and not wasteful or revenue-driven.


residential care servicesSTAGES is a short term accommodation and goal enrichment service for 12 to 18 year olds who are considered to be at-risk or have complex care needs.

Services can be based on a sole occupancy or co-tenanting model. STAGES's central focus is the stabilisation of the young person and preparation for their next stage in life.



supported independent livingTransCare is a supported independent living service for 15 to 18 year olds who require support and skill development in their transition from care.

Services can be provided within YLO accommodation or as outreach when a young person is in alternative forms of accommodation.

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intensive placementIPSS is an intensive placement support service that provides support and therapeutic intervention within foster care placements that are considered to be under stress.

Support is provided within the placement and is aimed at the individual needs of the carer and young person along with the family dynamic as a whole. IPSS is a flexible service and can be tailored to the needs of the young person and their foster care placement.



interventionYLO offers intervention and youth programs that bring young people together to work towards a shared common goal of self-esteem building, anger management and emotional regulation, social and living skill development.

Providing early intervention, prevention and young women's programs.

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Therapeutic model

Youth Lifestyle Options services are grounded within a therapeutic context.

Youth Lifestyle Options moves beyond the basic daily care needs of the young person and focuses on the assessment and delivery of individual programs that maximise potential for success and attainment of goals central to the young person's developing self.

Therapeutic model

Youth Lifestyle Options is always looking for Residential Care Workers to join our team in providing services to young people. If you are interested in becoming a Residential Care Worker for YLO view our application page.

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